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The classes are 1 hour long and they meet once a week. Each class session is designed to work on three of the four events mixed with a dab of simple fun. The basic skills of women’s gymnastics are Tumbling, Uneven parallel bars, Balance beam, and Vault. The basic events for boys are Tumbling, Even parallel Bars, Pommel Horse, & Rings. They will also learn Vault and High bar. Tumble track, which assists floor and vault. In Angels Class programs we still work on level appropriate skills on each event with each apparatus. We emphasize doing the skill correctly and we enthusiastically celebrate even the smallest accomplishment. When a child masters the skill they are rewarded with certificates. All classes are monthly. We understand that families have a lot going on and locking you in for a session is unfair.


The Girls should wear leotards, no jewelry and bare feet. They may also wear athletic shorts with an elastic waist over the leotards.

We ask both Boys and Girls to wear their hair back in a ponytail and hair clip bangs back. This is only needed if their hair is long enough to get in their eyes.

The Boys should wear fitted T-shirts and athletic shorts with elastic waist bands and they will work out in bare feet. NO BAGGY clothes! It will catch on the equipment and make spotting difficult. No zippers, rivets or metal buttons please.Our class program is unique in the sense that we use levels not names. This makes it easy for you the parent to keep track of your gymnast’s progress and allows for easy ascension to team.

This program is for girls and boys that wish to learn casually without the pressure to compete. Athletes are placed into class levels based on their known skills, general age and maturity. All classes are designed to teach the same skills at the same time. The following is a description of the levels.


Kids that are active in physical play accept instruction and have longer periods of concentration. Kids involved in gymnastics are 37% more likely to go to college and finish the program.