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Girls Classes

Recreational gymnastic classes at Angels are 55 minutes long. You have the option to attend 1 class/week or 2+ classes/week.

Each class incorporates USAG skills from various competitive levels to allow every gymnast a chance to be on team! The levels within our recreational classes advance in a branching fashion to allow each gymnast’s family to find the right program for them. Each gymnast starts in a beginner class, and they are invited to higher level classes as their skills, strength, and mental abilities progress. As with anything, practice builds progress! We recommend attending more classes each week to help your child advance.

Girls’ gymnastic classes utilize 4 events—vault, bars, beam, and floor—over two weeks time (2 events per week).


Our beginner classes are for girls aged 5 and up. Children are not required to have any gymnastic experience to be a part of this class. This class is designed to teach basic gymnastic poses, skills, and strength on all four events. This class will also teach children discipline and mental fortitude as they encounter frustration and determination to achieve various goals. Our gym’s goal is to help your child become well-rounded on all apparatuses. As your child accomplishes assorted skills and strength goals, they will be invited to move up to the next level (typically an intermediate class).


Our intermediate classes are for girls who have surpassed the beginner level. This class is comprised of all ages and furthers the advancement of your child’s gymnastic abilities on each event. This class will also teach children discipline and mental fortitude as they encounter frustration and determination to complete new skills. Gymnasts in this class are challenged to grow stronger and try many new drills to help progress their skills.


Our hotshot class is designed for girls, previously in a beginner or tot class, who have developed skills and strength at a faster rate than many students. This class is similar to an intermediate class; however, your child is required to attend class twice a week, one hour at a time. This allows the coach to focus more in-depth on form and progressions to build a solid foundation for your child’s abilities, and further their gymnastic advancement.


Our advanced classes are the next step for gymnasts who have surpassed the intermediate, hotshot, or dev-tot classes. The gymnasts invited to this class are required to meet twice a week, one hour at a time. This class is another stepping-stone to joining our compulsory team, however this class also provides an opportunity for families who are uninterested in joining our team, and instead allows your child to experience new, challenging skills.


Our developmental class serves as a pre-competitive team program at our gym. Gymnasts who are invited into this class are required to attend four hours a week, broken down into two hours, twice a week. The longer hours will allow the child and their family to adjust with ease to a team schedule once their child is ready to move up. This class focuses on building a rock-solid foundation for your child to progress along in their gymnastics career. They will learn a plethora of strength exercises and drills that will help them perfect their abilities. The developmental class also helps your gymnast learn how to work as a team by using team-building exercises.


Our homeschool classes are for girls AND boys age 5 and up. This class is designed to give families a more convenient schedule year-round. This class incorporates skills and exercises of all levels and the lesson is created to allow for adjustment of the exercise per child. This class helps your child attain strength while they learn to complete a variety of skills according to their abilities and goals.