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PARENT & TODDLER FUN-TASTICS// Our Toddler Gym class is for boy and girls ages 5 and under and they must be toilet trained. Parents participate for a special bonding time with their child. The weekly activities are designed to develop body control, physical problem solving skills, sense of balance, and SOME discipline. The activities change each week to keep things new and fun. We learn the following skills and many more: Forward rolls, travel thru tunnels, up hills, across ladders, hanging from bars, swinging on the ropes. Best of all we learn — jumping on the trampoline safely! The instructor explains the activities and then helps at each event.TODDLER FUN-TASTICS is a 1 hour program weekly.

TOT FUN-TASTICS// The FunTastics Gym Class is for toilet trained boy and girls ages 5 and under who have progressed in self discipline to be ready for a class environment. Through challenging exercise games your child will begin to develop the basic skills and strength of gymnastics in a group setting. The children practice balance, and learn gymnastic air-position awareness as they start basic tumbling routines. Throughout the session the kids will go to work on two events per week for two weeks. EVERY TWO WEEKS the lesson plan will change so that the gym remains NEW and EXCITING!This co-ed class also develops teacher/student relationships for school.CUPID FUN-TASTICS// 1 hour weekly




The Beginner Classes work on USAG skills from levels 1, 2 and 3. After they complete Beginner Class they are ready for Intermediate Class or they can try out for the level 4 team. If they decide to stay in class they can try out for our level 5 team later. (They would have to qualify through level 4 first) We are in a recession and we understand that team tuition is a strain for some families so this “Class Match Team” system is designed to help out. It also allows for team kids that need a break to move to class from team and not quit the sport all together.


The Intermediate Classes work on USAG skills just like the team. After completion of the level 4 skill set they may move to level 5 classes or try out for the level 5 team. If they make our level 5 team they would have to attend a USAG meet to qualify for level 5. Only then can they compete as a level 5 however this is usually effortless.


The Advanced Classes work on USAG skills just like the level 5-8 team. After completion of level 5 skill set they may remain in Advanced Class where they will continue to learn more advanced skills from level 6 to 10 however with one hour a week it is difficult to advance much more than the equivalent a of level 8 gymnast. They may also try out for level 5 team once they learn the level 5 skill set.



Tumbling class covers every form of tumbling. Gymnastics, Cheer, Dance, Kata and Par Core are all welcome. The class will be limited to a gymnastics environment however we understand the styles are different and we can accommodate them all.

Mission: to insure that everyone train in a secure, fun, positive environment where they will be instructed by qualified coaches to practice and develop their routines safely. Tumbling is best learned on a spring loaded floor covered with foam mats and supervised by a gymnastic coach.

Tumbling: We use small circuits set up along a spring loaded floor. Our instructors spot the children carefully to teach them the basic skills of Cartwheel, Bridge, Kick-over, Back Walk-over, and Hand-stand with a forward roll.

Advanced Tumbling: The student must demonstrate an Unassisted Back Handspring.



Competition:The “ANGELS” competitive team compete in just USAG.

There are 10 levels in USAG Before Elite(Olympics). At Angel’s gymnastics we teach your child by these standards whether they are going to compete or just have fun. The Compulsory Levels are 2 through 6 and they require each athlete to perform the same routine in competition. The kids are judged according to a model of perfect execution and presentation with deductions for errors. Level 7 has Compulsory Elements that must be performed, but choreography is added to the routines at this level. Levels 8, 9, 10 and Elite are “Optional Levels”. This means that the gymnast performs routines based on difficulty, execution and composition. Each level in the Junior Olympic Program has its own rules regarding age and minimum standards for mobility performance.

Our philosophy at ANGELS is to provide every gymnast with the a safe gymnastics environment. We want to guide each young person to develop mental control over their body.” A Positive Attitude Changes Everything.” We coach each gymnast to excel on an individual basis. We comfort those who faulter and encourage them to complement the girls that do well. Likewise we ask the gymnasts that excel to lift up the ones that faulter. It is our mission to build strong confident minds and to teach those young minds to develop the bodies of champions.